Maria & Josh Benn

My husband and I highly recommend choosing Reverend Jesús and his wife for your ceremony – they are a beautiful and strong pair to work with and learn from about what it takes to grow a solid, healthy and happy relationship.

They provided direction and guidance as well as flexibility to be able to create the ceremony that we wanted. We appreciated how open they were to the non-biblical readings we selected while also interweaving both our Christian and Judaism backgrounds. Because we were having an interfaith ceremony, it was wonderful to see the ease that Reverend Jesús had in collaborating with and getting to know the Rabbi.

While we are biased towards Reverend Jesús, as he is my uncle and someone special to me, we want to acknowledge that there must have been extra pressure to officiate. Of course though, he handled the whole process of working with his niece and presiding over the ceremony with such warmth and grace!

Reverend Jesús also brought much personal joy and life to our ceremony. His enthusiasm and passion rang clearly during his homily as he focused on our theme of being “better together.” By comparing us to two biblical characters, he described how my husband and I will be able to take our strengths and learn from each other and be better together, rather than apart. It was very special to hear something that is important to us articulated in such a beautiful way, and we appreciated his thought and effort to piece that together. We believe you too will be equally touched and pleased with him presiding over your ceremony!

Maria & Josh Benn

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