Are you an ordained priest?Rev. Jesús Rivera
I was ordained on May 16, 1981 in Silver Spring, Maryland.
How can you be a priest and also married?
I left the Roman Catholic priesthood and I am now a married Catholic priest. In 2008, I joined CITI ministries. CITI is a nationwide organization of men who were ordained in the Roman Catholic Church and who also felt the call to be married and to continue doing ministry as married priests.
Will my ceremony be legal?
The wedding ceremony will be recognized by the state through the International Council of Churches.
Will the Roman Catholic Church recognize our marriage?
The marriage will not be recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.
Are you able to celebrate our marriage in a church or other holy place?
If it is allowed by the church or holy place I will gladly celebrate there.
Can we design our own ceremony?
You can design your own ceremony and I would be happy to assist you in any way I can.
Can you conduct the ceremony in Spanish?
I am fluent in Spanish and I can lead your ceremony in Spanish or, if you prefer, conduct a bilingual ceremony.
Will you celebrate Eucharist?
I will celebrate Eucharist if requested.
What do you wear for the ceremony?
I usually wear an alb and a stole; and have also celebrated with a stole over a dress suit. It is up to you.
Will you perform an outdoor ceremony, or a ceremony that is held in a venue that is not a church?
The majority of the ceremonies I perform are either outdoors or in another venue that is not a church.
Will you perform ecumenical, interfaith, or non-denominational marriages?
Yes. My only requirement is that the couple is choosing to make a life-long commitment of love, fidelity and mutual support.
Will you perform same-sex commitment ceremonies?
Yes. My only requirement is that the couple is choosing to make a life-long commitment of love, fidelity and mutual support.
How far in advance should we contact you?
I would appreciate being contacted at least 6 months in advance. If that’s not possible, contact me anyway.
Can we meet with you prior to making a commitment?
Yes. I will arrange a 1.5 hour meeting with you and your partner soon after you request your date. During this meeting, I will have an opportunity to learn more about the two of you and your ideas and wishes for the ceremony, and to answer all of your questions prior to making a commitment.
What is your fee?
My fee depends on the amount of travel, and the level of service required. After we meet, we’ll discuss the fee.
How is the wedding license handled?
I ask that you get a wedding license and bring it to me at the rehearsal. I will fill it out and return the original copy to you. I will then mail the court copy to the appropriate office of records.
Is pre-marital counseling required?
It is strongly encouraged but not required. I am happy to provide this additional service if the couple wishes.
We have a wedding planner/coordinator. Do you work with them?
I love working with wedding planners/coordinators.
Can you provide references?
Yes, I am happy to provide references.

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